Rebellion Softball

Fundraising Opportunities with the Rebellion For 2015!

It's all about community involvement and raising funds for the organizations that make the Tri-State region so great! Whether it be a non-profit awareness program, performance groups, dance and cheer groups, bands and choirs or youth sports, the Rebellion fundraising program is a great way to raise funds.Our fundraising program here at CONSOL Energy Park is an incentive-driven initative that is designed to help generate revenue for local schools, teams and non-profits while increasing exposure and rewarding those who work so hard for their cause.

Participants and community partners work together to use professional softball as an exciting way to set goals, meet goals and exceed expectations.

Here's how it works. Purchase a block of 50 tickets from the Rebellion for $5. Sell the tickets for $10. Receive $5 back on tickets sold, thus your organization can make 50% of all money raised. The fundraiser is offered for all HOME games and we will help provide marketing collateral to help with your effort.  

To schedule a fundraiser and/or to hear more about the program, call our team at 724-250-9555 or e-mail